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Cookie Keeper Rebranding and Update

  • Posted on January 9, 2018 at 8:48pm
  • Related Project: Cookie Keeper

It’s been a while since any updates were made to Cirplex projects, but I’m finally glad to announce the new version of Cookie Keeper, previously called Cookie Crumbs. Other than a new name, I’ve updated the user interface to be much easier to use and to understand, updated various graphics and icons, and introduced a few new features. It’s now possible to schedule when to automatically delete cookies, receive a notification when the extension is automatically deleting cookies, and finally the option to delete additional web browser data along with cookies.

This extension changes how rules are defined. In the past, the extension allowed for wildcard symbols inside of domain names. To make the extension easier to use, we only accept valid domain names for each rule. All cookies for sub-domain names will also be kept if the second-level domain is a defined rule. It’s still possible to define a sub-domain as a rule and not define it’s parent domain if you only want to keep cookies for a specific sub-domain.

In addition to changing how rules are defined, we now allow for cookies to be automatically deleted based on a schedule of “always”, “daily”, “weekly”, and “monthly.” Cookies are deleted when the browser first starts up and will run in the background. There is an option to enable a notification to be alerted when the extension is automatically deleting cookies.

Finally we added an option to delete additional web browser data. At the moment, we delete Indexed DB, Local Storage, Plugin Data, Service Workers, Web SQL, Server Bound Certificates, and Web File Systems. The following data types are cleared from all websites instead of limiting it to sites that are not in your rules list. This additional browser data is deleted whenever the extension deletes cookies. This includes if you manually trigger to delete all cookies from the options page or when the extension is deleting cookies automatically based on a schedule.

I’m very excited about this latest update and hope you are too.

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